November 8-10, 2018

Loews Chicago, O’Hare International Airport

Connect. Learn. Advance.

The next generation of RevU was inspired by the idea of a RevUniversity, Rev360’s commitment to ongoing training and practice management education specifically applied to RevolutionEHR practices.

RevU is a new Rev360 service offering that delivers ongoing RevolutionEHR based training and applied practice management expertise to the RevolutionEHR user community. Our team of eye care experts focus on sharing proven techniques, tools and strategies for the best use of RevolutionEHR in your practice.

RevU hosts The Reunion, our annual RevolutionEHR user conference. Formerly known as RevYou, The Reunion brings RevolutionEHR users together for two days of focused training and practice management workshops.

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RevU presents RevolutionEHR based practice improvement training via webinars from fellow RevolutionEHR doctors and expert users. View a RevU recorded webinar or register for an upcoming scheduled webinar.

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Take advantage of RevU content when you visit major trade shows. The RevU team will provide attending users a unique session of RevolutionEHR based training and practice management expertise. See where we’ll be next!

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