RevU presents periodic webinars featuring RevolutionEHR doctors and expert users sharing their own RevolutionEHR applied practice management strategies and techniques that have improved their practice. Watch a video or register for an upcoming webinar below.


Can't join us for a live webinar? No worries, we have plenty of On-Demand Webinars available for you to enjoy.

MIPS 2019 - What You Need to Know

Join the Rev360 quality reporting team as they host a discussion on the guidelines for MIPS in 2019 including the new ability to opt in to reimbursement revision.

MIPS 2019 - An Introduction to the Proposed Rule

Join us for an introduction to the proposed MIPS rule for 2019. Hosted by the Rev360 RevAspire Team.

Explore twelve84

Join us for an overview of twelve84 and examples of doctors thriving with twelve84 in their practice. We’ll also present a variety of frame styles and allow time for Q&A.

How I Conquered MIPS

Join the Rev360 quality reporting team as they host a discussion with three doctors from different practice settings who used RevolutionEHR to not just meet MIPS requirements in 2017, but excel.

Rid Yourself of Password Pain!

Dr. Chad Fleming reviews the new guidelines for password use in RevolutionEHR that will take effect Friday, August 24th and demonstrates how he uses a password manager as a fast and easy ways to handle all his practice's passwords.

twelve84 - How to Make This Eyewear Service a Smashing Success In Your Practice

Dr. Chad Fleming shares his journey to success with twelve84 in his practice.

Best Practices Using RevolutionEHR For Managing Your Medical Patients

Dr. Nate Lighthizer reviews his best practices to successfully manage and document care of the complex, medical patient using RevolutionEHR.

Rock Your Workflow

Dr Chad Fleming discusses ways to improve your workflow in RevolutionEHR

Using Care Plans to Your Advantage

Kristin O'Brien, O.D. discusses how to use care plans to cut down on time spent charting.

Getting Your Patients In the Fast Lane

Dave Anderson, O.D. discusses efficiency with RevolutionEHR to ensure a great patient experience.

How to Make your Office Communications Magic

Viktoria Davis, OD discusses efficient communication within RevolutionEHR