There are five unique education tracks to choose from, each customized for key roles within the practice including: Provider, Optical, Front Office, Accounting and Technician. 

Each track includes intimate learning labs and hands-on opportunities. Our experienced track leaders will not just tell you how you can be better, but show you specific tools that can be implemented in your practice right away.

Each track will also utilize Google Classroom, a secure online space where you can participate in real-time surveys, ask questions, store materials and so much more. Registered attendees have been provided access to their track’s Google Classroom via email from your Track Leader. Access will continue after the event concludes, allowing you to continue to communicate with your track leaders and share ideas with your peers.

Provider Track

The Provider track will focus on exam room efficiencies with an emphasis on charting and documentation best practices that will help free up your time and make patient care less stressful and less time consuming. The track will be led by a team of Rev360 OD’s who have significant clinical expertise and knowledge of workflow efficiencies using RevolutionEHR. We will take a closer look at specific features within the software and provide the tools needed to apply a functional workflow relevant to patient care.

The Provider Track will cover:

  • Encounter efficiencies and customizations
  • Timesaving equipment integrations overview
  • Custom reporting to better manage your practice
  • Letter writing tips and tricks
  • Security updates

Optical Track

In the Optical track you will learn efficiencies to help you enter and manage your optical orders, understand how to utilize the Inventory Management features and Reports to ensure your Optical runs like a well-oiled machine. We will take a detailed look into how to effectively use the Orders Dashboard, how to maximize communication and organization when entering contact lens and glasses orders, and how Inventory Reports can help you accomplish your goals and measure success.

The Optical Track will cover:

  • Review of the Orders Dashboard: defining the layout and different functions that can be used to gather order information, bulk update orders, and manage current/ past orders.
  • Optical Order efficiencies and using order features to your advantage.
  • No Rx? No problem. Get your patient ordered, invoiced, and out the door.
  • Managing contact lens orders, billing for multiple pack sizes, handling stock orders.  
  • SmartFlow for Sight overview and introduction to Twelve84.
  • Inventory Management features:  Why are they so important and what do we do with them? Best practices for using Inventory Management features to account for your product and know that it’s moving.
  • RevIntegrator for Barcode Printing Integration/ Reconciliation overview and frame scanning.
  • Reports, Reports, Reports!

Front Office Track

The Front Office track will provide tools to help you be more efficient, organized and productive in your day-to-day responsibilities. We will dive deeper into patient file components, customization settings for summaries and letters, query building reports, tasks and messaging for an organized office flow, scheduling and RevConnect for more production, PHR to engage your patients better. This track will give you the confidence to apply and teach others the best ways to utilize RevolutionEHR at the front desk. No more headaches and hassle trying to get through your day navigating software… become a proficient power user!

The Front Office Track will cover:

  • Patient File Components, including patient summary and letters. Best practices for patient check in, including the use of the Topaz Signature Pad and Scanning Integration.
  • Building two different commonly used patient search reports
  • “What’s Really Going On” Dr. Mike Rothschild will join us in diving into the common headaches at the front desk. This will set the stage for discussing solutions and strategies for the rest of the time spent in the track. 
  • Scheduling for Success. We will discuss the benefits to using appointment slots and then break into learning labs for interactive scheduling assistance. We will also demo and discuss MyRev
  • PHR –The Patient Portal.  How, What and Why!?
  • Intra Office Communication. Tasks & Messaging 
  • Security Measurements & Password Control

Accounting Track

The Accounting Track will focus on all things related to the “back office” procedures within a practice. We will take a deep dive into detailed features and functionality of invoices, claims, payments, and accounting reports. Using a combination of lectures, Q & A and hands on learning, you will be educated in a way that our RevolutionEHR Subject Matter Experts are trained. Leave with a deeper knowledge of RevolutionEHR’s accounting features that will enable you to use the software more efficiently, analyze data more completely, and troubleshoot or fix mistakes or problems that may occur in your practice.

The Accounting Track will cover:

  • Invoice Discovery
  • Invoice Extras
  • Claims
    • Clearinghouse presentation
  • Payments
    • Bluefin presentation
  • Reports

Technician Track

The Technician track will focus on the responsibilities of the technician and how to increase your efficiency to the exam flow. Learn more about PHR and device integrations and share tips with technicians from other practices. Come back to your office with a solid understanding of the encounter portion of the system to increase your efficiency within the practice.

The Technician Track will cover:

  • Different ways to access an encounter, what data can be entered prior to an encounter being started.
  • PHR-We will review the entire interview process, functions available in the PHR and PHR reports.
  • Data entry efficiencies
  • Customizing Encounter templates
  • Device Integration options
  • Beyond the encounter-We will review how to trigger a recall within an exam, run encounter related reports, show how you can add tests and screens to an encounter.
  • Review of Communication Letters-This will look at the new communication letters available and show how to edit them and create a new letter. 

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